The vOICe for Android

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App Name The vOICe for Android
Category Education
Price Free
Company The vOICe
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Description Augmented reality and synthetic vision for the blind. The vOICe for Android maps live camera views to soundscapes, offering visual information from the environment to the totally blind through sensory substitution and computer vision. It uses pitch for height and loudness for brightness in one-second left to right scans of any view: a rising bright line sounds as a rising tone, a bright spot as a beep, a bright filled rectangle as a noise burst, a vertical grid as a rhythm. Also includes live talking OCR and visual object recognition. Swipe-up toggles between the smartglasses GUI and the smartphone GUI. Autostart note: to provide blind accessibility out-of-the-box, this app by default launches automatically after a reboot; you can readily disable the autostart feature in the app's menu Options | Other settings. The visual cataract simulator for sighted users can similarly be toggled on and off as desired. Visit for more information and disclaimers.
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pretty sweet 4 star(s) Dec 12 2017 03:20 am
Good 4 star(s) Dec 12 2017 03:12 am
Good App 5 star(s) Dec 12 2017 03:12 am