Imagus Face Recognition

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App Name Imagus Face Recognition
Category Enterprise
Price Free
Company Imagus Technology Pty Ltd
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Description This app provides “Super Recognizer” capabilities to any wearer. The free app allows a user to enroll and recognize up to 5 people before requiring a license ( People can then be recognized instantly and tagged with actionable text. The licensed version allows users to manage and synchronize large face databases (watch lists) to multiple devices using our Imagus Web Tools. There are many applications which may require a private server for face storage. Face Blindness is the complete inability to recognize the face of someone you should know - like your friends, or even your wife and children. This is a serious problem for approximately 2% of the population. It is an incurable neurological disability in a world where interaction relies primarily on recognizing people as family, friends and business associates. Our Total Recall app on ODG Smart Glasses could be “life-changing” for both sufferers and their families. (Case Study
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